Grzegorz (aka Greg) Sosna
Sworn translator of English and Polish
Qualified language teacher

Looking for quality translations, into and from, English, Polish or French? Unhappy with what translation agencies have offered you so far? Can't find your way around a chaotic jungle of companies claiming expertise in language translations? You have come to the right place! With over nine year's experience in the translation industry, having translated hundreds of documents and being a proficient bilingual in both English and Polish I can bring you the quality of service you have been looking for!

My experience with translation began nine years ago. From what began as a few translation jobs on the side, quickly turned into a proud portfolio of loyal customers who appreciate on-time delivery and quality. I was  born in Poland and at the age of 6 I emigrated  to Canada.  While there  I attended public school and acquired English naturally. Upon my return  to Poland I pursued an education in Language Studies and decided to further perfect my translation skills at University. I received  my Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics. It is during my studies that I engaged myself in several translation jobs which quickly produced a lot of customer satisfaction and trust. From there I took  the next step in my career and opened my own business. In 2008, I was successful at passing the sworn translator examinations held by the Ministry of Justice of Poland and was granted a license to perform sworn translations by the Minister himself.

I am a native of both English and Polish, a guarantee that the translations I make are clearly understood in both languages.

Growing up in Canada also gave me the priceless opportunity to learn French, which I also make use of in my freelance translation business.

Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to serving you soon!
Communication is key to the proper operation of a business. English has for a very long time now placed itself in the role of the lingua franca of corporate business. Ensuring your employees' proficiency in verbal and written communication can greatly contribute to entrepreneurial success.
I have provided English language courses in Poland for Western companies since 2002. My focus is to ensure systematic and rapid language development of employees within the context of a corporate environment in a dynamic and friendly yet strict learning atmosphere. Being a child of two cultures I have learned to understand the learning styles and mental factors involved in the language learning process of people unique to this part of the world. This is a boasted skill which can save you a lot of time and money. Sign up today!
A passion for teaching
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